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Hours of Operation:

Texted us only at 979-218-9668 or


Kelumac Christmas Tree Farm 2022 Christmas Season Hours of Operation

Wednesday Nov.22 Day before Thanksgiving Open 10am.-5:30pm

Thanksgiving Day Closed Nov. 23

Friday Nov. 24 Open 10am.-5:30pm

Saturday Nov. 25 Open 10am.-5:30pm

Sunday Nov. 26 Open 10am.-5:30pm

Monday Nov. 27 Closed

Tuesday Nov. 28 Closed

Wednesday Nov. 29 Open 10am.-5:30pm

Thursday Nov.30 Open 10am.-5:30pm

Friday Dec.1 Open 10am.-5:30pm

Saturday Dec.2 Open 10am.-5:30pm

Sunday Dec.3 Open 10am.-5:30pm

Monday Dec.4 Closed

Tuesday Dec. 5 Closed

Wednesday Dec. 6 Open 10am.-5:30pm

Thursday Dec.7 Open 10am.-5:30pm

Friday Dec.8 Open 10am.-5:30pm

Saturday Dec.9 Open 10am.-5:30pm

Sunday Dec.10 Open 10am.-5:30pm

This Following week we may close. Depending on supply of trees

Monday Dec.11 Closed

Tuesday Dec. 12 Closed

Wednesday Dec. 13 Open 10am.-5:30pm

Thursday Dec.14 Open 10am.-5:30pm

Friday Dec.15 Open 10am.-5:30pm

Saturday Dec.16 Open 10am.-5:30pm

Sunday Dec.17 Open 10am.-5:30pm

Professional Photographers:                                                       

We are Taking Reservations for Photo Mini-sessions for November and December

Special Instructions:                                                                   We provide saws, measuring pole and a wagon cart to bring your tree back to cleaning and bailing area


2023 Tree Selling Season

Hours of Operation and Events